5 Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Locksmith


Finding a reputable and experienced 24 hour locksmith in Kapiti could be quite a daunting task, especially if you are in a rush and you have no experience whatsoever in searching for locksmiths. The good news is that there are some reliable 24 hour emergency locksmiths that are trusted by the residents of Paraparaumu and the wider Kapiti area.

When hiring a locksmith, you need to make sure you work with the best. Here are 5 questions you need to ask your 24 hour locksmith in Paraparaumu in order to ensure you have made the right choice.

1. Are you Insured and Licensed?

For starters, you need to determine if the company you want to hire for your car keys or house key cutting is licensed. A reputable technician will always have full insurance and will be licensed with the New Zealand Security Association.

If you search online for ‘locksmith Paraparaumu’, at the top of the results will be Kapiti Bearings & Locksmiths. Kapiti Bearings & Locksmiths is both licensed and insured, being a long term member of the Master Locksmith Association and the New Zealand Security Association.

2. What Services do you Offer?

This is the second question you should ask a locksmith company before hiring them. Not all locksmiths offer the same services so make sure you find one that offers what you need, for example house key cutting or car key cutting services in Paraparaumu. Some locksmiths can also provide security assessments of your home or business to offer customised locksmith services.

Kapiti Bearings & Locksmiths offers key cutting, custom safe design, engineering supplies and even mobile locksmith services throughout Kapiti.

3. What Experience do you have in this Field?

When you want to work with a locksmith contractor, it is imperative to make sure their experience matches your needs and expectations. With over 40 years of experience in the locksmith and key cutting industry, Kapiti Bearings & Locksmiths is one of the most experienced companies in the whole country.

Denis and Mike, the owners of this company, have a combined 70 years of experience in the key cutting industry. Together, they provide the greater Kapiti area with the best emergency locksmith services around.

4. Do you have 24 Hour Locksmith Services?

If you find yourself locked outside of your home or car, you need a contractor that can come to you right away and help you out. Kapiti Bearings & Locksmiths offers 24 hour mobile locksmith services throughout Kapiti. We are always there for you should you need us. Just give us a call at 04 902 5397 and we will help you right away.

5. Do you Perform Background Checks on your Employees?

Lastly, in order to have success with a locksmith contractor, you need to ask each candidate if they perform background checks on their employees. Why should you ask this? Because you are entrusting that company with the safety of your most valuable possessions.

The technician who will come to your house or go to your car will have full access to it. Kapiti Bearings & Locksmiths only hire technicians after conducting a thorough background check and all our technicians sign confidentiality agreements. This ensures that an emergency locksmith from Kapiti Bearings & Locksmiths is trustworthy and reliable.

Now you know what makes a reliable locksmith why not visit www.locksmithskapiti.co.nz to find out more about their services, including 24hour emergency locksmith services throughout Kapiti, and make an enquiry.


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